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TERMS & CONDITIONS - video travel map
1. Use of this platform

1.A This platform is available for all users like virtual and real travlers, for Advertising Clients and Producer and for anyone how like to use this page. And last but not least for investors. Terms and conditions (short: “TCs”). When You make a booking on the platform or use this platform in any way, You have accepted these TCs.

1.B This Platform is owned and operated by Video Travel Map company, San Francisco, USA.

1.C This Platform can be use personal or for business. It is prohibited to duplicate, copy, modify, reproduce, distribute, sell, resell, or exploit it in any way for commercial ends or equivalent purposes.

1.D The User agrees to not use this Platform for illegal or improper purposes. In particular, the User accepts that the services purchased through this Platform are for their own use or consumption, or for the use and consumption of the persons in whose name they are legally authorized to act. The User may not resell the services purchased through this Platform to third parties. Video Travel Map reserves the right to deny access to the Platform at any moment with no prior notice. Furthermore, Video Travel map reserves the right to prosecute illegal use, sale of advertising without license or similar illegal acts.

2. How works this platform

2.A Through this platform, Video Travel Map offers the possibility of virtual travel, search and comparison services of travel services offered by travel providers, as well as intermediary services, which enable users to actually purchase the selected travel services. A purchase on this platform means that you place an order with a third party to purchase services, which means a payment obligation. At the time of the purchase, the third party is responsible for the delivery of the booked service and not Video Travel Map. Any query or consultation relating to services purchased on this Platform must be addressed to the Travel Supplier which has supplied the travel service to You.

2.B The term "travel provider" includes airlines, flight consolidators, tour operators, vacation packages suppliers, hotels, finca hotels, holiday apartments, hotel packages, insurance providers, car rental tenants, car rental tenders, boat rental companies, motorbike rental companies, bicycle rental companies and cruise ships.

2.C Video Travel Map only acts as an intermediary platform. The purchase of the travel service is subject to the conditions of the tour operator. When purchasing, the terms and conditions of the travel provider apply, in particular with regard to cancellation fees.

2.D In accordance with the EU Directive on eCommerce and its local implementation measures, the confirmation e-mail of your order will be proof of your contractual relationship with the third party who purchased it. This document is stored in its data records and can be accessed by you at any time on request.

3. Links to other websites

3.A This platform may contain links to other sites that are not managed by Video Travel Map and which are only for advertising purposes. Video Travel Map has no control over these websites and is not responsible for their content.

3.B The inclusion of links to other websites does not mean that Video Travel Map promotes, supports, guarantees or recommends these sites. These links are used only as informative references, without an evaluation of the contents, the property, the services or the offered products.

4. Amendments to the TCs

Video Travel Map may change or update these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. The current version of these terms and conditions will be displayed on the platform when these changes take effect. Please consult the current terms and conditions on this platform.

5. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These obligations are to be established and regulated according to the laws of the USA. Any dispute concerning your contractual relationship with us shall be settled before the courts of the USA.

6. Annex: Specific information for other products and services

This platform also includes advertising of all types, including non-travel providers. Again, the operator of the third-party platform is responsible for the content as well as for the implementation and proper handling, for example, for online purchases. In case of damages, only operators of the third party provider and not Video Travel Map can be held responsible.

7. Use and functionality

The video travel map gets a lot of videos. Therefore we recommend to use video travel map for longer use a wifi internet connection with flatrate.

Video travel map has been optimized for use in the firefox browser. It can also be called up in other browsers, but there may be functional limitations if the browser or the operating system of your device deactivates the autoplay function.